My latest book FOUR DARK TALES is now available for only .99 cents.

Just wanted to let everyone know that my newest book, FOUR DARK TALES, is now available on Amazon for only .99 cents – but only for a short time.

Included in this collection are these tales:

ACID RAIN: A mother and her daughter get trapped in a gas station with strangers as a storm suddenly moves in, unleashing rain that destroys everything it touches. But is there something worse waiting in the rain?

SAFE HAVEN: When the government, the Russian mob, and a drug cartel are after you, where do you go? There’s a safe haven for the super-rich running from their troubles – a beautiful tropical island – but there’s a heavy price to pay for safety.

HEALER: Meet a teenage boy who heals a woman on the brink of death after a car accident. When a man who witnesses the accident abducts the boy to heal his sick wife, things go horribly wrong.

THE HAMMER MURDERS: Agent Ridley with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation is called to the horrific and baffling murder of a family at a remote farmhouse with only one survivor – the youngest son, an eight-year-old boy who may hold the key to finding the monster who killed his family.

It’s almost a new year, and most would agree that 2020 has been a dismal year. I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year, a better year than the last one!

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