RAZORBLADE DREAMS, a collection of twelve horror stories, is on sale for .99 cents on Kindle for a short time.


Razorblade Dreams – where you’ll get a glimpse into a shadowy world of monsters and psychopaths, demons and ghosts, horrors and thrills, where nothing is what it seems. Stories include:

  • MR. BOONE – Two boys film a ritual to invite a dark spirit into their home. But once Mr. Boone is inside, how do you get him back out?
  • THE DISAPPEARED – A man wakes up to find that he’s the last person on Earth, or are there others waiting for him?
  • ZOMBIE HOUSE – When the zombie apocalypse happens, maybe the person you’re shacked up with is more dangerous than the zombies.
  • THE LIGHTHOUSE – How far would a father go to bring his child back from the dead?
  • RAZORBLADE DREAMS – A woman is stalked by a demented psychic in her nightmares . . . until she learns to fight back.

You’ll find those stories and much more in Razorblade Dreams.

You can find the book on Amazon here:


I hope you’ll check the collection out and help spread the word.

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