I just wanted to let everyone know that my new suspense-thriller FOLLOWED is now available on Amazon/Kindle. It’s only .99 cents on Kindle for a short time, and free in Kindle Unlimited.

Phil and Cathy are followed home by a stalker. As the terror escalates over the next few days, Cathy begins to believe Phil may know who their stalker is and what he really wants as dark things turn up from Phil’s past.

Followed - Cover # 4

You can find the book here:

I hope everyone will check it out. Please feel free to share this post and spread the word. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “FOLLOWED – MY LATEST BOOK

  1. I just finished Followed, my first book written by you which I hope leads to a lot more. I actually did leave a review on Amazon which I normally do not. I also wanted to add that the skill that it took to write this book could make this an awesome movie. The characters are so believable and the story with so many twists and turns, but not so many as to confuse a reader could really flesh out as a wonderful, yet terrorizing movie. Just wanted to voice that as well as say thank you for the wonderful book. I’m looking forward to my next read, possibly Devils Island. I’m looking forward to many more great reads…
    Thanks again!!l
    Tamara Mau


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