Just wanted to let everyone know that three of my books will be on sale for .99 cents on Kindle through the Valentine’s Day weekend – until Feb. 19th.

ANCIENT ENEMY – It’s been asleep for centuries and now it’s awake. It wants things … and you have to give it what it wants …

AncientEnemy2-from Damon

NIGHT TERRORS – How do you hide from a psychic serial killer? That’s just what Tara must do as the killer who slaughtered her family years ago has found her again.

Night Terrors Cover - newest

THE SUMMONING – Ryan wakes up with bullet hole scars on his chest, a bag of stolen money, and no memory of his past. But the terrifying answers are waiting for him in a small Oregon town.


Why not curl up with a scary read for Valentine’s Day?

Please help spread the word if you want to!

Thanks so much, and I will have another article coming soon!

Until next time …

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