Didn’t get much writing done last week …

I didn’t get much writing done last week because I was working with my uncle on a tile job (rebuilding a curb for a walk-in shower).

But I have to admit that I enjoyed working with my uncle. It’s been a long time since I spent some time around him. I forgot how much he reminds me of my grandfather who passed away several years ago. Life is short, and time passes by quickly – we have to spend time with our family while we can.

I also liked doing some construction/remodeling work again (even though this was a pretty small job). I spent nearly two decades doing various kinds of construction work (concrete, welding, drywall, stucco, etc.) and I kind of miss it sometimes.

But my true love is writing and I need to get back to it this week. I’m still trying to get my novel DEVIL’S ISLAND finished. I’ve got more than two thirds of it done, and I really love the beginning. Just have to work out some details as it gets near the end. In the past year I have put DEVIL’S ISLAND aside to work on other projects, and in that time I’ve published three other works while I was working on it. It just goes to show that some novels and stories are easier to write than others. Some stories just flow right out of me and onto the paper (or computer screen) with minimal changes (that doesn’t count rereading them a million times and making slight changes here and there – I’m talking about major plot changes) and others are a chore. But I can’t help it; I’m not going to force myself to finish something unless I’m truly happy with it. But I also want to get this one done.

That said, I am still working on other projects that are in various stages of completion (I’ve always worked on several projects at the same time – I would love to hear if that’s true with other writers), but I’m really going to make an effort to get DEVIL’S ISLAND done in the next month or two. I really want it to be the next book I publish … but we’ll see what happens.

Until next time … I hope to post every week or so on here. Please feel free to comment below.

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