Hello, World!

This is my first post on this blog.

A little about myself first. I’m a full-time writer. I’ve worked many jobs over the years (welder, drywall hanger and business owner, concrete laborer, kitchen manager at a restaurant, lawn technician, etc.) but it was always a dream of mine to become a full-time, working writer … and it’s finally happened! I write mostly thriller and horror novels and stories, but also some sci-fi. I have nine books available on Amazon/Kindle in various formats. I’m the author of the bestselling books Ancient Enemy, A Dark Collection: 12 Scary Stories, Sightings, The Exorcist’s Apprentice, and others. I’m also a screenwriter, and I’ve optioned four screenplays to producers in Hollywood – one of which is being developed into a film.

With this blog I hope to reach out to readers and other writers and anyone else who wants to join in. I plan on writing many articles about writing: the process of writing, publishing on Kindle, marketing your work, screenwriting, and much more. I would like to share some of the things I’ve learned over the last few years, and things I wish I would’ve known when I started publishing on Amazon. Also, I plan on writing some reviews of books I’ve read lately and movies I’ve seen. I’ll include some top 10 lists of mine and some other fun things.

I hope to keep things entertaining here at this blog, and I would love and appreciate any feedback from you. Please let me know what you think of the future content, and please suggest any topics you would like to hear about. I hope to hear from many of you, and I have a follow button where you can follow my blog and get updates when I publish new articles. I also have an e-mail address you can use.

I’ve been wanting to write this blog for some time now, and here it is … finally. Let’s take this journey together and see where it leads – I can’t wait to get started!


Mark Lukens

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